Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Welcome to my (little corner of the) world

I thought I would start off this new life of mine and I guess it would be appropriate to tell you a bit about myself and what I am thinking about doing with this blog.

I am a doctoral student in physics. In addition to my research I tutor and demonstrate first year physics, and do programming for various researchers about the university, which all keeps me very busy so I intend for posts here to be a bit sporadic but I will try to be regular-ish with a couple of posts a week – although I do intend to up this rate at some point the in the future.

I have an interest in science history and education, as well as the interaction of science and culture. And this is largely what I will be blogging about: a journey of the history and development of science throughout the ages as well as the implications of modern science (in particular Relativity – a little passion of mine although not my research area).

I am indebted to several of the scienceblogs crew particularly Orac and Ed as well as Phil Plait from Bad Astronomy for providing the inspiration to get me into this and for giving me ideas about what to write about and indirectly how to go about it. As a skeptic and a scientist a lot of what I might tackle here has already been done so well by others but I will endeavour to add something to the blogosphere.

So thank you for your time to come here and partake in my delusion (I will explain this at some later date) that what I have to say matters and that I can have an influence of the scientific literacy of the next generation.