Saturday, 13 September 2008

Not Vaccinating IS Child Abuse

Not vaccinating, for anything other than medical reasons, is among the worst kind of child abuse, and not just of your own children.

There is a significant proportion of the population that cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons and these people require the benefits of herd immunity to protect them from the harms the rest of us are protected from by being vaccinated.

Now for those that don't know, herd immunity is when enough people (>95%) are vaccinated and there is no ability for the disease to have a reservoir in the population and hence infect people. If too many people do not vaccinate then diseases that can be avoided can become rampant in the community, e.g. the measles outbreaks in the UK in the last few years.

Edit: Oh and in case you missed it the point of this was to direct you to Mark Crislip's wonderful post at sciencebasedmedicine about exactly what we are vaccinating against.


Anonymous said...

My personal views on vaccination (we all have one!)

There are so many questions about vaccination. Some parents want to know the answers, some don't really care.

The identifying information of the vaccination should be made available at the time of the vaccination. Parents should know the batch number of the vaccine instead of hearing about the "hot batches" that are contaminated after the fact. Parents should know where it made, which country, which city. Parents should know if it was manufactured through a foreign species, chicken egg, or monkey kidney? Because if that's the case aren't they in fact being also being injected with the DNA of a foreign species? Parents should know how long and where it was tested? Parents should know if they contain Ethyl mercury from the vaccine preservative thimerosal or other preservatives and the effects of those preservatives.

The pharm companies test experimental vaccines in poor countries on babies and young chidren with permission by uninformed and illiterate mothers, as is alleged just lately in 14 deaths in

There are many vaccinations pulled after deaths and injuries after being on the market a short period of time. If there was more information as to why the number of vaccinations has risen to approximately 35 required by age 5 when a third of the amount sufficed 20 yrs ago. Or why a day old baby needs a Hep C vaccination when it is contracted through bodily fluids and iv drug needle sharing. Parents should trust that their childrens' health takes priority over profit to the drug companies. And I don't see that happening anytime soon.

Here's the history of just one of the many vaccines:
Rotavirus vaccine recalled in 1999: "15 infants with intussusception reported to VAERS, 13 (87%) developed intussusception following the first dose of the three-dose RRV-TV series, and 12 (80%) of 15 developed symptoms within 1 week of receiving any dose of RRV-TV (Table 1). Thirteen of the 15 patients received concurrently other vaccines with RRV-TV. Intussusception was confirmed radiographically in all 15 patients. Eight infants required surgical reduction, and one required resection of 7 inches (18 cm) of distal ileum and proximal colon."

The latest re-worked Rotavirus vaccine: "Unfortunately, it was also linked to a significant increase in pneumonia deaths in children, as well as an increase in convulsions and bronchitis."

Nurses I've asked haven't had the answers to these questions though they are the ones doing the actual injections. I doubt if the doctors even know. The information sheets passed out with vaccines are lacking in information. The government and the medical community need to look at the public as being intelligent enough to understand the technical aspects of vaccine production and educate people about it. Parents are never going to care about the the government reasons for the vaccines that are to lower health care costs and the pharm companies' reason of profit.

I am still undecided on the issue.

Sorry such a long and disjointed post. I'm sure I left a lot out and am probably misinformed as well. I'm a work in progress!