Monday, 20 April 2009


I am very excited as I have just received a brand spanking new copy of Phil Plait's Death From The Skies! very kindly purchased for me by my library - OK not purchased for me but at least at my request and as such I get to be the first to borrow and read it. Of course I now have to decide whether or not to interrupt my current read (Science of Discworld III - also from the library but renewed over the weekend so there is plenty of time yet) or to finish that first. And of course now some friends are loaning me one of their books to read - and that always puts you under a bit of pressure to read and return.

Oh well the anticipation builds, might have to wait and in the mean time just read more of Phil's excellent blog. Oh and I will do a little review here or provide some comments on the book at least when I am done.


Ken said...

You will enjoy it - it's a good read.
I also got our local library to order it. Noticed that it was requested pretty quick (be aware that you may not be able to renew it if you don't get it read in time). I think the title will make it popular.

mc2 said...

Still I have a month, although the book my friends lent me is also a library book (about CAM - although the name escapes me), so I have a lot of reading to do in next couple of weeks.